Thursday, April 3, 2014

views from here

So far this year I've tried to be more conscious of saving some time for myself. I often have ideas for projects that I want to design for our home but last year I wasn't very good at allowing myself the time to realize these ideas. So here are a few images from my projects so far this year!

A new lamp for our bedroom. I've been wanting to make a star pendant light ever since I made a 12-pointed star tree topper for my shop a few holidays ago. Now all we have to do is wire it up! One of the points is hinged so that we can get inside to change the bulb, sneaky ;)

We finally painted the dining room! One weekend in February with snow in the forecast (surprise surprise) we settled in for two days and got it done. We're so happy with the result and spend much more time in here now. Crazy how a fresh coat of paint can lift your mood. I took this photo before we installed my collection of old English and German tiles, you can see the final result here.

I also finished this wall sconce in our living room in February. I made the inside eggcrate design a few years ago but only just got around to attaching "wings" so it could act as a face to a lightbox. I love the result at night, and it's more interesting to see during the day than a regular old sconce.

This was one of my favorite projects. When we first moved in I saw this little plain square window and thought it would be the perfect place for stained glass. Last year when we visited Steven's family in Manchester I realized that I could enlarge one of the stained glass designs in his Mom's house. Now we have a little bit of the UK right here in Philly.

All of these photos are from my Instagram feed. I'm much more active there, but I promise to get better about posting here in the future.  In the meantime follow me on Instagram!
Especially since I have new pieces for Spring coming soon!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

december eats

Happy New Year! I've been busy the past few months filling holiday orders and baking like there's no tomorrow. Out of the many recipes I tried in December I though I'd share some of the best. As a side note - I'm almost totally dairy free these days due to an allergy developed later in life, so
I use butter substitutes, which don't always work well, but all these recipes came out a peach!

Cardamom Coffee Bread Wreath :: via Sweet Paul
a pillowy bready treat perfect with a hot drink on a cold morning, like a croissant/bread hybrid

Holiday Spiced Pecans :: via A Beautiful Bite
pecan pie without the pie, YUM

Swedish Pepparkakor :: via All Recipes (my mom has our family recipe)
better than gingerbread cookies, perfectly crunchy and satisfyingly spicy, and decorated to the nines

Stollen :: via Bon Appetit
my grandfather used to make a stollen to have every Christmas morning and now I have taken the challenge. this recipe creates a very moist, fruity stollen but my family enjoys it the best

Hope you all had a wonderful start to the year and that 2014 is exactly as you wish!

Monday, October 14, 2013

new collection : fall/winter 2013

Magus Pyramid Box :: Pyramid Box, XL

Calix Terrarium

Lyra Pyramid

Magus Ring Box :: Magus Earth Terrarium

Magus Pyramid Box, medium

Magus Ring Box/ Jewelry Box

Magus Teardrop Terrarium

Magus Pyramid Box :: Magus Earth Terrarium :: Magus Teardrop Terrarium

Murus Terrarium Planter

Murus Terrarium Planter

Murus Terrarium, large

Polaris Pyramid

Polaris Pyramid

Lyra Pyramid :: Polaris Pyramid :: Vega Pyramid

Lyra Pyramid :: Polaris Pyramid :: Vega Pyramid

Black Star :: Clear Star

Vega Pyramid

Find the entire collection here

Friday, October 11, 2013

time lapse chalk drawing

My friend Charlie recently did a chalk mural installation in Philly and filmed a time lapse of the process. I've known him my entire life and he used to draw on the chalkboard in my grandparents' basement as I looked on. I'm glad to see he still uses chalk as a medium.

Monday, October 7, 2013

preserving summer II

As the beginning of autumn and cool nights trickle in, my garden is slowing down, but there are still squash, peppers, a few tomatoes and early fall raspberries. I usually end up with a few behemoth zucchinis that seem to grow from a few centimeters to baseball bat size overnight. My family's favorite uses for these are zucchini pancakes with mint and feta, or zucchini bread from the old Silver Palette Cookbook.